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What kind of car do I need to participate in an autocross/solo event?

Most cars that are in good mechanical condition are eligible for SCCA® Solo® events. Your vehicle must pass a tech/(safety) inspection and it doesn’t have a roll-over risk. Generally SUVs and trucks don’t meet these requisites.

Buccaneer Region of the SCCA
Buccaneer Region of the SCCA
Buccaneer Region of the SCCA

Can I come to an event and spectate? Do I have to pay to attend?

You are welcome to attend our events as a spectator. Yo will not need to pay an entry fee, however, you will need to sign a waiver sheet for insurance reasons to be a spectator. If you are under 18, please be advised that you are required to have a legal guardian sign the Minor Waiver Form.

Do I need to be a Sports Club Car of America (SCCA) Member to participate?

Membership is required for all SCCA events. With this membership you gain access to a wide variety of member benefits, including a subscription to Sportscar magazine and discounts with club partners. For those just wanting to test the waters, there are weekend memberships available. Learn more about membership or become a member today!

What if I am under 18? Can I participate?

Yes, you can participate, however, please be advised that you are required to have a legal guardian sign the Minor Waiver Form.

What should I bring to an event?

You need to bring your car in good working mechanical order, a valid driver's license and a helmet (loner helmets are available). You may also want to bring a tire pressure gauge, multiple layers (coat, sweat shirt, sweat pants) gloves, a cooler (water, sports drink, snacks, lunch), comfortable shoes, towels, rain gear, sun block, a hat and anything else that you would want for a day spent outdoors. There are no seats and most events don't have any shade. It is recommended that you bring your own chair and tents.

What kind of helmet do I need?

You need a helmet that is Snell Foundation Standard, SFI Standard or British Standard. The certification label may be found inside the helmet. The current acceptable standards can be found here or at the bottom of “Solo Cars and Rules” on the SCCA Website.

Can I share my car with someone else?

Absolutely! A car can have as many as two people running it in a class and it can run in other classes that are running in separate heats. This is a great way to save money, get to drive well prepared cars and compare yourself directly with other drivers.

Vehicle Identification Numbers

Competitors are responsible for both sides of their competition car being labeled with legible Numbers and Class letters per the SCCA Solo Rulebook. It is encouraged to use a number between 1 and 99. It is also encouraged that the second driver of a two-driver car uses the first driver’s number plus 100. Example: Driver one is #9, then driver two is #109. No number above 199 is allowed. Penalty for not changing numbers between driver’s runs will result in a DNF for that run. Proper identification of your car will help us in making sure the event runs smoothly.

Car Numbers must be a minimum 8" high. Car Class must be a minimum of 4" high. Letters must be in upper-case abbreviated form rather than spelled out. (example: CSPL instead of C Street Prepared Ladies) All vehicles must display numbers and classes on both sides, which must be readable by timing & scoring, course and grid workers at all times. Letters and numbers must be the same typeface and color, and this color must provide adequate contrast to the background. Numbers and class letters must be on a body panel, not on windows.

What happens if it rains?

Autocross is a rain or shine sport, the only thing that shuts an event down is lightning in the area. For rain days plan to bring some plastic bins to keep your stuff dry, a towel to dry off hands and feet before driving and something to protect you from the elements.

How long does an event typically last?

Most autocrosses are full-day events.

Are pets and children allowed at events?

Pets are not appropriate at autocrosses. If you absolutely must bring your pet, make sure they are comfortable and either fully supervised or secured well away from the action of the event. Young children should obviously be supervised at all times, and older children should be instructed about safety at the event. Insurance regulations require all minors to have a parent or legal guardian sign a minor waiver at the entrance. Safety is always a paramount concern at all autocrosses. If in doubt, please make alternate plans for caring for the kids and pets for the day.

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